Danny Masters Skipper Testimony

Danny Masters Skipper Testimony

Danny Masters Skipper Testimony 150 150 Christians for Christ Ministries

I always since I can remember, I do not know if I can clearly go far back as to a infant but I had always the notion, idea that there is a good God that exist in my world or the Universe that which I exist in. I always had the keen sense to question right from wrong, good from evil. I just had faith and my parents where not that religious as a child and we did not participate in a community of certain faiths. I believed there was a God and wanted my parents to know him. And follow the ways and rules philosophy’s that he represented.

I still remember having that gut feeling that Jesus Christ, is the answer the way the truth and life. the Jewish Jesus Yeshua that I know him as today. My whole life has been a little crazy with a lot of different interesting people – meets and influences. I have no problem with he concept of God and tried to understand the different ways he is understood and practiced – believed in certain cultures. I take my faith from many experiences and truth and a more book orientated understanding – the Holy Bible word for word. It has taken many years to get to the unselfish understanding I have of him now that hold no resentment or accusations of others to be righteous or religiously politically correct. I believe the challenge to always be right and not considerate of others peoples feelings and truth. Is a hard form of religion and self superstitious righteousness that has no social redemption and values. I believe in the Ten Commandments – I believe in the Covenants that are meant for me as well as the Jews and promises.

I was dealt wit many (personal) confusions and confessions interpretations for years. Other than being a little bot more book smart than most people on the topic of God Jesus – Yahweh – Yeshua – IAM Redemption – The blood and breath of Chrsit. I still have this personal and family – Church journey that I live each and everyday knowing that my God Yeshua / Jesus is the victor of life and purpose. Is a Holy God there for we must be Holy and behave act think in the same respect he gives to us and redemption. 

My life has been one trying to get to know and be loved by my God and the better interpretations has always been one of a more protestant non denominational education experience and lived out faith and experiences. Jesus is not just another name or generalized Higher Power or God but God himself and truth not exaggerations of some form than the Holiness he represents and loyalty – love. Yeshua / Jesus is the one who redeemed and paid the price for my sins and those of my decendants and family and those of our faith and Church’s he is the true spirit and author of life – this life we have to live till we meet him again in physical glory but is available to us by his spirit that the father sent in his place to live wit us till the end of times. His next dispensations to take effect. I know I am on Gods time not my own – he worked his good pleasure and faith into (my) consciousness there for there is no sub consciousness but whole consciousness as being saved of the Lord Yeshua / Jesus Christ and made truth and spirit not just by mightiness but also love and the effectionist feelings of love that he has towards (us)those that are faithful and in love with him and his totalities all of his spiritual nature – being and essence – person of the most Holy Trinity. With the Father – Son – Holy Ghost. His feelings and words exist hand in hand they are not mere words or actions that have no value merit or feelings – love – grace- relief – mercy – martyrdom – wholeness and more love – actual love and reward for a repented and purpose driven life given to his trust and totality and Faith in us as his loving social able praying ministry’s. He saved me from alcohol overdoses – drug addiction – moral decay – fallacy – confusion – lost of soul and spiritual depravity and worse. Even though I have my struggles and there is nothing from past days in this I want except love his love and humans ability to practice compassion and right- eousness from love that remember and can express with total truth and consciousness with confidence. God feels has words speaks and teaches with charismatic grace and understanding like a Father that loves his Child and would do anything to save them him/her. Like the one lost sheep that he went looking for and the ninety nine remained together as good sheep from the same pasture. Life is green and his side of life and the fence between right and wrong we should not live by. There is no compromise but faith – Love – Life. The only liability is to be willing to die for Yeshua’s Life and the Grace of his Father,. The Spirit he sent to live in us to be about us and the life of the light that does shine in all darkness bringing light into life and it many circumstances and unusual situations, circumstantial circumstances and compassionate emotions situations that deserve attention, edifications, salutations prayers that save life through the light and the Fathers love and feelings he has for the world for human life – life in a degenerating world. A world where there is still feelings and compassion in the world that coexist in the Holy day and night. Amen.

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