Josephia’s Testimony


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My life changed significantly I have felt happier, I am. More honest with myself and more calm. My soul/spirit just feels good it feels so different. I have faith in lord and myself and I believe he has my back. I hardly feel sad and when I do feel sad I think of him. I made a effort to pray one I started I never stopped. I talk to him daily and pray to him I could never forget a day or I’ll feel bad about myself he’s my source for being happy. I use to reject him sadly I use feel he was against me I thought The worst. My life before Christ I felt worthless unhappy and depressed. I even use to cut myself I felt a lot of pain I just thought everyone and god was against me and I’m on 15 years old. Something told me I needed love I needed happiness I needed to feel safe and relaxed I need the lord and ever since I told myself that and accepted Jesus Christ. I’m happy I made that descison. 

Danny Masters Skipper Testimony


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I always since I can remember, I do not know if I can clearly go far back as to a infant but I had always the notion, idea that there is a good God that exist in my world or the Universe that which I exist in. I always had the keen sense to question right from wrong, good from evil. I just had faith and my parents where not that religious as a child and we did not participate in a community of certain faiths. I believed there was a God and wanted my parents to know him. And follow the ways and rules philosophy’s that he represented.


Christopher’s Testimony


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My testimony of what God can do

Past time and Future time
Life of hard knock may I say
A church goer, A god believer, A Bible reader
A boy scout seeker, Summer camp doer
Camping time, Travel time, With my family time

So many stories of my life
Don’t know where to start
A rough childhood of mine
So many choices, So much crime when I was kid
Never listen to my family, Ran away so many times I did
Stayed in school so I did,
A mother who loved me
And forgave me for the mistakes I did

So much fighting to surviving
So much crime I did, Crime never pays
So many lessons I learn, So much time I severed
Two and half years for the time of my crimes
One chance to change my life or 7 Yrs of prison time
At the age of 14 that was

Turned to God who saved me and changed me
No more crime, No more time, So many lessons learned
When God gave me a second chance at life
Stayed in high school until I was done, Not good grades I had
But I graduated anyways, Walked away from my faith
Because I thought I could do it on my own

So many jobs I had, So much money I made
Left home to live on my own
Joined the caravel made money, good money in the games
Made many friends, So many drugs I did
So much traveling, So many miles, So much road trips
Hard work of five years I did But hooked on drugs I was

So many times I tried to quit, So many rehabs I did
Flushed my drugs down toilet, Gave God all my life for good
He saved and healed me from my drug life
He set me free and I let God lead me for eternity
2007 was the year I was healed

Moved to a new city
A new city, a new start, So scared I was,
Knew no one from the start
But homeless may I say, So much fear in me
But I prayed it lead me the way,
Not knowing where to go anyways

Fifty dollars in my pocket, Nowhere to stay it was cold that day
A few pairs of clothes, A tent and a blanket I brought to stay
Found a tree where I stayed for 6 weeks of my stay, in my tent I lay
Without God, I wouldn’t have survived
Got a job, Got on my feet, Not homeless no more
But no fear I am able to live anywhere
But God is by my side everywhere
Because God blessed me with a new life from all the drugs I did

So here I am a new person in God, Many new changes
Freedom for life from all the drugs I did
New friends and family I made
So many stories I have told
So many lessons I learned

By Christopher Scott

Jim’s testimony: Oh But for the Trees


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I remember a day way back in the 1970’s when our family was riding in the car on the way to a weeklong summer vacation in Washington, D.C.  On this nice summer day my father was driving and I was riding in the back seat of our Ford Galaxy wagon.  We were having a long conversation on how various mechanical things worked.  Since my father was a high school science teacher he knew a lot about things that interested me.  His explanation was always preceded by just one simple word from me:  “Why.”  I remember that after at least an hour of this discussion, my father started to become agitated as he would explain something, then I would ask “why” again.  This led to an endless spiral of a conversation that was soon terminated by my father!


Yordan’s Testimony


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Hello dear brothers and sisters, in Christ my name is Yordan and here is my testimony of how Christ saved me. I was sitting in my room and deeply involved in drugs and smoking marijuana. And then the devil entered my body and was moving me to jump out of my window on the 7th floor And suddenly I had no control over my body and something was moving my body to jump. Then suddenly A big light came out of nowhere and hit my body And I shook and began crying in anguish because I knew that it was Jesus who saved me because I was going to jump and suddenly He came by the holy spirit to save me. I began crying and telling God how sorry I am for my sins and that day I was born again and had peace and was freed from the domain of darkness. Now I have Joy peace and live normal live praying and communing with my Lord Jesus. “And they overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.

Thank you Lord I hope my testimony encourages someone here. Amen

Kim’s Life: From Drugs and Alcohol to Faith in Jesus Christ


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I was lost to life in the fast lane from a very early age. I came out of a a broken, lonely childhood and immediately got caught up in alcoholism, promiscuity, gambling, lying, stealing, etc. my life was a shambles almost from the start. When I was 33 I finally hit rock bottom, having shamed myself to the point I knew that I would have to kill myself if I didn’t change. I just could not go on the way I had been going for so long.