About Christians for Christ Ministries

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Christians for Christ is dedicated to serving those in the Roman Catholic Church who desire to go much deeper in their study of God’s Word in the Bible. We serve those that feel that they can never reach the high standard of personal conduct set by their church, those striving for a small degree of certainty that what they die they will go to heaven, yet sometimes they never feel good enough.  This ministry speaks to those who wonder why since they go to Mass every week and on holy days they remain ignorant of the teachings of the Bible.  Perhaps they wonder why some people that they that go to Mass seem to have a much better grasp on the Bible and even engage in weekly Bible studies.

Christians for Christ is a nondenominational Christian ministry whose primary goal is to provide free weekly Bible studies following the Sunday Roman Catholic Mass readings. This ministry was founded in 2004 by Jim Hill who came to understand the biblical truths about Jesus Christ after a lifetime of attending and serving in the Catholic Mass.  

Our Method

Each week the Mass readings will be provided with an introductory section following by an analysis of the reading including points of application, with study questions at the conclusion. Our focus is upon the 66 Books of the Old and New Testament excluding the Apocryphal books.  We use the historical / grammatical method of interpretation. Our Bible study method can be understood from the acronym A-B-C but starting from the “C” and working backwards: Context, Big idea, and Application.  

  • Context:
    First, we provide the full scriptural context of the text including verses that were omitted in the reading. We also provide the historical context along with the background and setting of the author.
  • Big Idea:
    Second, we study the text in light of its historical context to determine the theological big idea. We develop this in light of a “Christological” focus, that is upon the redemptive message found throughout the Bible of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, whether in a future context as in the Old Testament or in a present or historical context as in the New Testament. We do not rely upon an allegorical interpretation but instead use the historical critical method and refer to the original languages and parallel passages whenever necessary.
  • Application:
    Finally, we provide several contemporary applications of the text for the present day Christian. Although there is only one interpretation of the text there are many possible applications.  

As you move through the readings each week, try to see what theological big ideas you can garner from the text and how these could then be applied to your life. As you focus upon the Application, first pray that God would reveal to you what He would have you do with what you learned. You may be amazed at how God sheds light differently on each passage as you encounter and study it again in the liturgical cycle over the years. Perhaps you will find, as my wife likes to say, that “you have been ruined for the ordinary”!

Ways to Receive the Sunday Mass Study Notes

There are three ways to receive the Mass Study Notes each week:

  1. Follow the link at the top of this page and sign up for the Sunday Mass Study notes email. This is sent at noon Eastern Time on the Friday before the particular Sunday Mass. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  2. Read the Notes online here on the web page.
  3. Watch for new Mass Notes posted each work to Facebook or Twitter. These include a short summary and link to the full version.

Thanks for Visiting and Please Look Over the Sunday Mass Study Notes

We ask you to pray about making a weekly effort to read the Sunday Mass Study Notes before you attend Sunday Mass.  Here is our prayer for you:

Dear God, I thank You for bringing this reader to Christians for Christ. Please help them to better understand Your Holy Word in the Bible by more closely studying the Sunday readings each week. We affirm that only You have the power to bring about the spiritual growth of Your people and make the important changes that you desire for them.  We call upon you to do this in their life. We pray this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Jim Hill

If you are interested in what we believe please follow this link to our Statement of Beliefs