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Some Thoughts on Bible Study and the Millennial Reign of Christ

Some Thoughts on Bible Study and the Millennial Reign of Christ 1200 700 Jim Hill






Consider these four aspects when reading the Bible. Can we agree upon a basic Bible study framework approach?  Here is one that I learned during Seminary. Read the text and consider it in light of four aspects:

Culture. Consider the culture in which the text was writing.  For example, in the ancient near east (ANE) biblical culture the practice of animal sacrifice was commonplace among not only the Jews but also the various pagan religions. Today that practice rarely exists but it was passing away during the New Testament era. 

Context. Consider the context of the passage. Who was speaking and to whom were they speaking?  Was it Jesus speaking to His disciples alone, or were others also listening?  Was it Paul addressing the Ephesian believers or were pagans also hearing?

Covenant.  The conditions under the Mosaic Covenant were very different than those under Abraham and the New Covenant.  We must recognize God’s covenants in which the message was delivered.  Adam and Eve would not have understood the rules of the Mosaic Covenant or the New Covenant.  When we read the New Testament we read in light of understanding of all of them. 

Totality. When we study, we read in light of the totality of God’s revelation.   Abraham may not have understood the Book of Revelation.  However, we read Revelation in light of Abraham.  We read the Old Testament in light of the New Testament.

In light of this, we can look at Matthew 16:27-28. 

The transfiguration was only a partial fulfillment of what Jesus was telling his small private group.  Only some of them saw Jesus and Moses at the transfiguration, however, none of the prophecies concerning Jesus’ second coming were fulfilled, also at Pentecost. 

There is so much more to this in terms of what will be fulfilled at Jesus’ second coming.  Hundreds of prophecies were fulfilled at His first coming.  Hundreds more will be at His second coming. 

The Kingdom about which Jesus is speaking is an “already, not yet” kingdom.  It was there then but is yet coming in the future.  There are many books on the aspects of the Kingdom of God, much more than I can say in a few paragraphs. 

Elijah will return again, literally.  He came literally back in the Old Testament days, then a type of Elijah came as John the Baptist.  Elijah will return again before the return of Jesus. 

The return of the Lord Jesus will bring about the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God as it is termed in the Bible.  When Jesus returns he will wage war (Revelation 19:11-16). All nations will gather against the holy city of Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:2).   This is the first battle called Armageddon.  Jesus will physically return just like the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation, most likely including both Elijah and Enoch.  The Mount of Olives will be split in two, and on that Day there will be a very unique day with no distinction between day and night. 

The sky will be rolled up like a scroll (Revelation 6:14) and all the mountains will be moved out of their places. 

The earth will be reaped, meaning all living will be judged (Daniel 12:2 and Revelation 14:14-20).

Everyone both dead and alive will be judged as per Revelation 20:4.  A general resurrection will occur per Daniel 12:2 and Revelation 20:4.  Believers will “come to life” for a thousand years.  Non believers will not come to life but will remain in the grave.  Satan will be bound during this time (Rev 20:3)

Every mountain will be made flat, see Isaiah 40:4 and Revelation 16:20-21.

The Dead Sea will become fresh water.  Ezekiel 47:8

The entire world will live in peace (Isaiah 11:6-9, and 32;18).

At the start of the 1,000 years everyone will worship the One True God (see Isaiah 2:2-3). 

The 1,000 year reign of Christ is the fulfillment of:

-The kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 3:2)

-The Kingdom of God (Mark 1:15)

-The World to Come (Hebrews 2:5)

-The Times of Refreshing (Acts 3:19)

-The period of the restoration of all things (Acts 3:21)

-A kingdom that cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12:28)

There will be no wars during Jesus’ reign.  See Zechariah 9:10 and others. 

Jerusalem will become the Holy City and all Nations will go to it.  See Micah 4:1-2 and Zechariah 14:16-17

Only believers will be allowed to walk the road to Jerusalem.  See Isaiah 35:1-10.

All animals will be at peace with one another, see Isaiah 11:6-7.

Everyone on earth will know God.  See Isaiah 11:9. 

The earth will be totally productive for crops.  See Joel 3:18. 

People will live as long as trees do.  See Isaiah 65:2. 

All suffering will cease.  See Isaiah 29:18, Isaiah 65:13-15

However, unbelievers born during this time will be allowed to sin.  See Isaiah 66:24, Zechariah 14:16-19

The full land grant will be made to the Jews during this time, they had previously never possessed all of the land promised to them per Genesis 15:18-20.  The land grant was made to the Jews to be forever, this was not yet attained by them.

God’s Davidic Covenant said that a ruler would sit on the throne forever (2 Samuel 7:16). This was not yet confirmed.  This will be confirmed through Jesus’ eternal reign.  Once Jesus comes He will never leave again.  Jesus’ reign begins in Revelation 20:4 and 20:6.  The Jews understood that Jesus was to be their ruler, see how Jesus rode into Jerusalem in Matthew 21:1-17. Zechariah clearly predicted this, see Zechariah 14:9.

Jesus will rule and reign on the earth after the Day of the Lord’s wrath.  Jesus will remain on the earth even during and after the final battle.  The final battle of Gog and Magog will not come until the end of the 1,000 years.  

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