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Catholic Bible Study.

Study the Bible through the weekly Sunday Roman Catholic Mass readings.  
Have you always wanted to study the Bible but just never seem to be able to get around to it? 

What if you could use use the same Catholic Mass readings you will hear during Mass to begin your own weekly Bible study?

Benefits you will receive by signing up for Mass Notes:
You will Understand the Biblical Context
You will learn the about the historical context of the biblical passages. 
You will Draw out the Big Ideas
We will help you locate the theological big ideas in the readings and perhaps to an "aha" moment. 
You will Apply the Scriptures to your Life
This is the bottom line: 
You will become a stronger Christian because you will learn how to apply the Bible to your life.

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My Mom Says:

“Hi, I enjoyed the notes for this week. Very insightful more than what the priest had to say today.  I am also doing the study  of Paul . . . . It is very interesting to learn of all the Jewish laws. Do you think the Pharisees were more interested in outward appearance than what was in the heart specifically, how they posted the law over the door? It must have been a total transformation for Paul who was raised in such a strict home.  Thanks, Mom.”

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Mass Notes are sent each Friday at noon Eastern time. 

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What's the structure of the Sunday Mass Study Notes ?  

    The weekly Sunday Mass Study Notes design plan follows a reverse A-B-C acronym: Context, Big Idea, and Application.  Each reading begins with an introduction section covering the context. Then the mass reading is given followed by an explanation of what it means, the big theological idea and finally the application. We use the historical  / grammatical approach of interpretation.

Can I trust your understanding of the Scriptures, what are your credentials? 

Every author and editor for the Mass Notes has at least a master's degree or higher in a Christian theological field. Some, including Christy Hill, have a PhD. These authors and editors have spent most of their entire lives studying the Scriptures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What People are Saying about Mass Notes: 
 Each Friday we will email you the text of the Sunday Mass readings along with some analysis to help you understand and apply the Bible readings. 
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I have been reading the Sunday Mass Study Notes for about 12 months and it has been very helpful in my study of the scriptures before mass each weekend.  The reflections and commentaries are very well thought out and written and help me to find what God is trying to tell me and to better help me carry on that message to others during the week.  I most like when other scripture passages are brought in for reference, as this is something that I try to do myself as well, and the references I look at are not always the same as in the mass notes, giving me a different perspective.   I also appreciate when the readings are given more context, either talking about or explicitly showing the verses before or after a reading.  This is always very helpful, especially when I am  not as familiar with a particular reading.  I hope and pray that this ministry continues and mass notes can be brought each week to myself and others in the Church.  Thank you and may God bless you and keep you.


Dear Sir, I As a 79 year old retired priest, who has to prepare homilies for varied groups, nursing home residents, residents of assisted living homes and frequently for parish congregations I find your notes extremely helpful.


I love these notes. These notes help me explain to my students the points that what Jesus is saying is important even today. The passages of the narrow gate are one of my favorite passages in the Bible. Keep up the good work, you’re reaching the audience of your audience. Blessings


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