a broad road with a sign overhead reading "Christians" and then with a small turn off to the right reading "for christ"

Updated Web Site

Updated Web Site 1200 700 Jim Hill

We are pleased to announce some important improvements and changes to the web site. 

  • We have adopted a new theme and layout to make things easier to find as way as provide a new, fresher, updated look.  This includes relocation of certain elements such as the most recent Mass Notes to a spot in the Quicklinks menu (available only on the desktop version).  
  • Adopted a new site logo which represents the central concept of this site with the narrow road leading to life through faith in Christ Jesus. 
  • Beginning on 12/30/2018 the Mass Notes will be published under the Christians for Christ author instead of under each particular writer. In addition a new section has been added to the web site listing biographical information about each author.
  • Changes to how the sponsored ads are positioned on the site.  We provide a means for sponsors in order to offset the substantial costs of providing this web ministry.  The revenue from this site hardly does that, so we ask our readers to also visit our other sites which will in the future provide more substantial support. This includes the Roadside Tribute site which provides a means for people around the world to share images and stories of roadside memorials they have constructed to memorialize lost relatives and friends.  Visit the site at https://roadsidetribute.com .

We are confident that these changes will help to better serve our readers.  

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