My name is Kylee and this is my testimony.
I grew up in a Christian family. I always knew there was a God and I knew I was supposed to follow Him. My family went to church every Sunday and Wednesday unless we just couldn’t make it. When I was about 9 I “gave my life to the Lord and repented.” 
I really thought I had gotten saved then till 4 years later. I realized My life wasn’t going how God wanted and planned it to go. I lied all the time I did things I shouldn’t have and I did things I knew I wasn’t supposed to. I treated people how a Christain person shouldn’t treat people. Then I went on a mission trip to South Dakota with my church Salem Heights. When we got there i went into it with a strong Godly filled heart and it was a 11 day trip and about 3 days in they asked a couple people to share there testimony’s. 
As people began to raise there hands i started to think what would say if i had to give mine? I asked myself do I even have one. I knew in that moment I wasn’t saved because I didn’t even have a testimony. What could I make up to make people believe I was actually saved that is what I kept asking myself. 

I couldn’t help but to think about that the whole trip. I couldn’t help but to hope no one called on my name to share cause I didn’t have one…I knew that if someone just called me out and asked for me to give my testimony i wouldn’t be able to do it. 
Then half way through the trip maybe about day 7 the youth pastor asked what repentance was and to be completely honest I had no clue. 
I was in the shower one night there and I thought back to when “i got saved” But, I only got saved cause it was what was expected from me cause everyone in my family was saved but me so i felt pressured. I just broke down and cried my eyes out in the shower. That whole time I have been lying to not only myself but to my family to my church and also to God. The one that loved me so so much he gave his son to die for me and I tried to lie to him. (John 3:16) I got saved in the shower and told my mom and pastor asap. 
My life has changed completely since then and I wonder all the time if I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for that mission trip or these people? I have become a new person, I read my Bible more I talk to God more and I tell others about God more. 
I got asked a question the other day at church it was Have you changed from the day you got saved to now? The answer was yes I am a new person.
You could be to so my question to you is are you a better person than who you were before you got saved? If I asked you right now what was your testimony could you tell me? (ROMANS 8:28)