Throughout my life the Lord has pulled me out of more situations than most could imagine. The problem was at the time I was too blind to recognize it was Him. I have literally walked away from car wrecks that rarely anybody would have survived period. I looked down on drug addicts because I tried everything known to man but never got addicted. I was only a drinker.

I was a heavy drinker. In fact, I was a full blown alcoholic drinking about a half gallon of vodka daily losing everything and hitting rock bottom due to my use. When I say everything I mean my health, marriage, family, home, job, etc. I was told I would have to have a liver transplant in order to survive because it was so severely damaged from alcohol. That wasn’t happening because they wont put you on a transplant list when you continue to drink. There were sick children out there who deserved another chance at life more than I did. If I was to begin taking care of myself I planned maybe two years but I didn’t. I continued to drink and sin daily. That was three years ago.

After having nowhere to lay my head and nobody to turn to there was Jesus the whole time. He pointed me to “The Lighthouse Recovery Center” a Christian based recovery center in Washington, Indiana. Through their pastors and leaders Jesus began to restore me. The Lord also pointed out a few things. He said I am the one who pulled you away from those car accidents. I am the physican that healed you when doctors could’nt. I have restored your family and your life. I am taking back EVERYTHING the enemy has stolen from you. Now I need you to go and preach the gospel and teach others to open their eyes amen. Now I have an unbelievable clean bill of health (only God), been baptized in Jesus name, received the Holy Spirit and am ministering to as many people that will listen. You see, Just like me you are all part of the body of Christ having your own purpose. If not, you wouldn’t still be here. Don’t ever let the enemy tell you it’s too late to turn around. That’s nothing but a lie straight from the pits of hell. Nothing makes the devil more angry than to lose the souls of people the little crybaby worked so hard to steal and destroy in the first place. Some of our greatest pastors and spiritual leaders had the craziest past and become the strongest men of God. Just take a look at King David or some of the characters Jesus Himself hung out with. Amen?