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Janine’s Testimony: Salvation, Falling Away, and Recovery


I got saved at the age of 12. Not by a prayer that I had to say. I got saved while I was reading a Christian book my grandma told me to read. Before the person reads the book the author prays over the person in the book and asks God to let those that are blind see. It happened to me. After a some months though I wasn’t on watch and I fell astray. It was a very dark moment in my life. My addictions that God set me free from came back and worst. I was watching porn, masturbating, all the resentment that God freed me from came back. I wasn’t doing good in school and i started losing friends. I started drinking and smoking weed trying to fit in. I was constantly going to court with my mom. I also started getting panic and anxiety attacks. I hit rock bottom.


“But God.” He cared about me still after I back slide from Him. He brought me back and made me repent. I wanna give hope to those that might have back- slid from God also. He will accept you again. I’m not going to lie. It will be hard coming back to God. You might feel dry but if you hang on to Jesus eventually in time if you continually seek Him and faint not the relationship, and the joy of salvation and fellowship with Jesus Christ will come back! I’m a witness of it and God has taken me to places I never dreamed of! Hallelujah!



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