This is my awesome testimony or my coming to Christ by Gary h Kleiner. 

This is my story how and why I came to Christ and how the Holy Spirit came to me. My early life is as follows,
I was brought up Jewish, never had a real sense of god,had learning problems as a teenager, then developed anxiety and depression as well as obsessive compulsive disorder.
I eventually sought treatment, I have been on a lot of medications and these conditions followed me for over ten years which was a very erratic and stressful time in my life.

I came to Christ when I was 30, but I wasn’t yet filled with the Holy Spirit.
I wasn’t filled because my life was the same and I didn’t take the conversion seriously.
My life became more stressful and even more erratic.My psychiatric medications weren’t working, I started hearing voice and so I looked for a way out. I attempted suicide and barely survived it.I had a strong desire to draw after my suicide attempt. I drew as a kid, but the urge to draw was an intense one.

I realized the Holy Spirit gave me an intense desire to draw and to understand the process of creating art and to use it to heal myself and others. Today, I am able to share with others all the things I learned in my life. Today I am able to coach others creatively while sharing my testimony with others. My desire now is to help those who are suffering to know there is hope in Jesus.

I have also experienced prophetic dreams and visions which make my faith stronger.


Gh Kleiner