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Armaan’s Testinomy: Healing


I have been facing this problem of an anal fistula from around a year ..and what has happened to me is miraculous! This just made me believe that if Jesus is your healer then anything and everything is possible….

A year ago I was diagnosed of a very unique problem called the anal fistula which is basically a track (unwanted) connected to the rectum which gets infected and keeps spirting out pus In the form of an opening or boil around the rectum. I read through the web and the doctors asked me to go for a surgical procedure.. which I went through. But all in vain. A few months later..I developed this thing again.. all that pain and suffering was for nothing. I was really disappointed after visiting a radiologist who’s reported stated I had two openings from inside and again surgery was the only option. I was very confused as to what to do. God spoke to my mother and he lead us to this hospital where a very senior doctor recommended a medical procedure where he assured this problem would go away without surgery just by medication. I was willing to take that risk cause I didn’t want to go through the surgical pain again.. but I also had that doubt that what if this doesn’t work. What if I’m taking these for no use. As read on web and heard from docs this disease could only be treated by surgery. But as soon as I came out with the medicines I just said one thing. I’m going to take these medications and pray to Jesus. And that’s what I did. I prayed I read proverbs everyday. And kept taking my medicines religiously. And something inside me kept saying that if God’s your healer even the best doctors can fail but he can’t. And so with this faith I kept going. And today. The boil has vanished away automatically. It’s a huge huge miracle In my life and just shows that Jesus will forgive u however sinful u are and how ever doubtful u are. Just the faith of a mustard seed is enough to movie mountains. My medications are still on but I know for sure that my god will make me better better and never let me face any problem I can’t.


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