-1. Feast of

-2. The son of Haran Accompanies Terah from Ur of the Chaldees to Haran Genesis 11:31 .Migrates with

Abraham to the land of Canaan Genesis 12:4 Accompanies Abraham to Egypt .Returns with him to Beth-

el Genesis 13:1-3 .Rich in flocks, and herds, and servants .Separates from Abraham, and locates in Sodom

Genesis 13:5-14 .Taken captive by Chedorlaomer; rescued by Abraham Genesis 14:1-16 .Providentially

saved from destruction in Sodom Genesis 19; Luke 17:28, 29 .Disobediently protests against going to the

mountains, and chooses Zoar Genesis 19:17-22 .His wife disobediently yearns after Sodom, and becomes a

pillar of salt Genesis 19:26; Luke 17:32 .Commits incest with his daughters Genesis 19:30-38 .Descendants