a broad road with a sign overhead reading "Christians" and then with a small turn off to the right reading "for christ"


Euphrates 1200 700 Christians for Christ Ministries

-A river in the garden of Eden Genesis 2:14

-The eastern limit of the kingdom of Israel Genesis 15:18; Exodus 23:31; Deuteronomy 1:7; 11:24; Joshua

1:4; 2 Samuel 8:3; 1 Kmgs 4:21; 1 Chronicles 5:9; 18:3

-Pharaoh-necho, king of Egypt, made conquest to 2 Kings 24:7; Jeremiah 46:2-10

-On the banks of, Jeremiah symbolically buries his sash Jeremiah 13:1-7

-Casts the scroll containing the prophecies against Babylon into Jeremiah 51 :59-64

-SYMBOLICAL .The inundations of, of the extension of the empire of Assyria Isaiah 8:6-8 .In the

symbolisms of the Apocalypse Revelation 9:14; 16:12

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