a broad road with a sign overhead reading "Christians" and then with a small turn off to the right reading "for christ"


Embroidery 1200 700 Christians for Christ Ministries

-In blue and purple and scarlet on the curtains of the tabernacle Exodus 26:1, 36; 27:16

-On the girdle and coat of the high priest, intermingled with gold Exodus 28:4, 39

-On the garments of Sisera Judges 5:30

-On the garments of princes Ezekiel 26: 16

-On the garments of women Ezekiel 16:10, Psalm 45:14; 13, 18

-Bezaleel and Aholiab divinely inspired for, in the work of the tabernacle Exodus 35:30-35; 38:22, 23


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