-First of, offered to God Numbers 15:19-21; Nehemiah 10:37

-Kneaded Jeremiah 7:18; Hosea 7:4

-Part of, for priest Ezekiel 44:30


-Sent out from the ark by Noah Genesis 8:8-11

-Domesticated Isaiah 60:8

-Nests of Jeremiah 48:28

-Harmlessness of, typical of Christ\’s gentleness Matthew 10:16

-Sacrificial uses of Genesis 15:9

-Prescribed for purification .Of women Leviticus 12:6, 8; Luke 2:24 .Of Nazarites Numbers 6:10 .Of lepers

Leviticus 14:22

-Burnt offering of Leviticus 1:14-17

-Lrespass offering of, for the impecunious Leviticus 5:7-10; 12:8

-Sin offering, for those who touched any dead body Numbers 6:10

-Market for, in the temple Matthew 21:12; John 2:14

-SYMBOLICAL .Of the Holy Spirit Matthew 3:16; Luke 3:22; John 1:32


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