-A region east of the Jordan River and north of the Arnon River Genesis 14:5

-Og, king of Joshua 13:12

-Allotted to the two and one half tribes, which had their possession east of the Jordan River Numbers

32:33; Deuteronomy 3:10-14; Joshua 12:4-6; 13:29-31; 17:1

-Invaded and taken by Hazael, king of Syria 2 Kings 10:32, 33

-Retaken by Jehoash 2 Kings 13:25

-Fertility and productiveness of Isaiah 33:9; Jeremiah 50:19; Na 1:4

-Forests of, famous Isaiah 2:13; Ezekiel 27:6; Zechariah 11:2

-Distinguished for its fine cattle Deuteronomy 32: 14; Psalm 22: 12; Ezekiel 39:8; Amos 4:1 ; Micah 7:14


-A name given to the Argob region Deuteronomy 3:14


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